The admission process went pretty smooth with Eduko Pathways, It was an important decision of my life and the staff at Eduko Pathways helped me at every step.

Pavini Madara

I was fortunate enough to walk straight up to Eduko Pathways and get everything done under one roof. In a few minutes, I was convinced that I am in good hands. I would like to thank the staff at Eduko Pathways for all the support.


I am glad that I approached Eduko Pathways well in time. The staff’s takes each and every student very seriously and hold themselves accountable towards every student equally. I would want to thank Eduko Pathways from the bottom of my heart, for what I am today.


I am truly thankful to Eduko Pathways for their individual attention and support throughout the entire application process. Eduko Pathways has done a great job and I wish they continue the good work for years to come.